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Dallas Music is a mail order business located in Dallas TX owned and operated by me, Phil Smith. We run the business out of my home and consequently don't do any walk-in sales. The business began as a vintage guitar buying and selling venture in 1988 and has grown over the years to cover almost anything related to music. We carry mostly used instruments, but from time to time we do have a few new items in stock.

Dealing in used merchandise and not having a storefront presents us with an unusual set of challenges. Instead of getting on the phone to order inventory, as a store dealing in new merchandise would do, we have to actively pursue inventory wherever we can find it, as it rarely come to us (we only wish it were that easy). As a result, much of our time is spent away from a computer, making it difficult for us to check our e-mail on a regular basis. So, if at times we are slow to answer your inquiry, please accept our apologies in advance.

Because our focus is on used instruments, we feel we offer our customers a very cost effective alternative to new merchandise. If you happen to be in the market for an instrument, please drop us a line. We more than likely have it in stock, and we'll do our best to save you some money.


Philip T. Smith
Dallas Music (By appointment only!!!)
4339 Rosemeade Pkwy.
Ste. 411
Dallas TX, 75287
Phone: We're not listed in the Dallas Business phone book. There are a hand full of OTHER business' named Dallas Music that ARE listed, and they have grown weary of fielding calls from our potential customers. Please don't bother these good people with phone calls.
We run a mail order company that's operated out of my home. If my number was listed, our phone would ring 24 hours a day. We don't want that, so we prefer to handle all communication via e-mail. If it's imperative that you call, e-mail us and I'll send you our number.

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