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Home Theater Equipment

The video and audio equipment included with the house is really nice stuff!

The projector:

The Sony G70 CRT projector is large and heavy. It was difficult to mount on the ceiling and difficult to initially setup. But there's a reason for going to all that trouble. It throws a great high definition picture! It's an older model that originally retailed for $20-$30K
when new.

The speakers:

 Martin Logan Aerius main speakers. $2,000 new retail.

 Martin Logan Logos center speaker. $1,895 new retail.

Infinity Modulus One Rear speakers (on sand filled stands). Older model (not anything like the new cheap model) I think these were about $2,300 new retail with stands.

Two: Sunfire True Subwoofer Mark II subwoofers. $1,495 each new retail.

The gear in the cabinets:

Parasound AVP-2500u preamp Click Here. $3,495 new retail.

Sunfire Cinema Grand 5 channel power amp Click Here. $2,375 new retail.

Dish satellite high definition tuner and recorder. On lease at a cost of $250 (free to the buyer of the house).

Sony Playstation 3 80GB WiFi (high def. game console, and Blu-ray high def. DVD player) $500 new retail.

Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player. Not expensive now, but I paid $400.

Octava 5 into 2 HDMI switcher. $299 new retail.

Custom 4 seat home theater recliners. $5,000 new retail.

Add that up! It's an expensive system!

Note: The only home theater gear that doesn't stay with the house is the computer gear (nothing you will need). It consists of an HTPC, a hard drive tower, and the cables that connect them.

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