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The two car garage is heated and air conditioned. It has what is called an "in-wall" unit. It's very similar to a window unit, except it's designed to be installed in an opening in the wall. It's installed high on the wall - for two reasons. One, it's high and out of the way, and two, it makes it not very noticeable on the outside of the house. I can't remember what size it is, but I know it's about twice as big as you would normally use for that size space. The reason I opted for an oversize unit is, when you open the garage door to pull your car in or out
, once you close the garage door, the larger unit will quickly replace the hot/cold air (depending on the season) that escapes.

One of the garage walls is an exterior wall (the wall that the air conditioner is in). The sheetrock was removed to insulate it, then professionally re-sheetrocked, taped and bedded, textured and painted.

Some other features of the garage: Below the AC unit the photos is a small shelve with AC outlets to hold battery chargers for cordless drills, dustbusters, etc. It will hold up to 4 chargers, and is quite convenient for this task. Also, there is a small air compressor in the attic that's connected to an air hose reel mounted on the garage ceiling. Compressed air is immediately available to run air tools, and for it's best use - blowing stuff off. It's an extremely handy cleaning tool, and I use it for that purpose all the time. Beside the compressed air reel, is an AC extension reel. No hunting for an extension cord to do a little work in the garage. Just go grab it and reel it out. There are also extra AC outlets that were installed while the sheetrock was removed. There is no lack of AC outlets in the garage. You'll never want for an outlet. It also has 4 lights on ceiling instead of the normal one. It's very well lit no matter what part of the garage you're in. I guess it's obvious I like to work on stuff and build things. If you like that sort of thing too, this will be your dream garage. It's definitely mine. :)

It has a new heavy duty belt drive garage door opener. It has a lot of features and is very quiet.

The projector on the ceiling is higher than the garage door opening, so any vehicle that's tall enough to hit the projector, won't fit through the garage door. So, the projector is mounted very high up and is completely out of the way.
The the screen and audio cabinets stick out from the wall 1".  I stress this to make it clear that the projector, cabinets and screen in NO way interfere with normal use or the garage.  Two cars can be parked as normal. It's still a fully functioning normal garage with ZERO compromises. That was a design goal that was worked out before any construction began. I didn't want lose my garage, and I made sure I didn't.

Pic of the outside wall of the garage. Note the in-wall air conditioner/heater.

A close up of the air conditioner/heater. Below it is the shelf for charging batteries.

Here you can see the AC outlets built into the top of the shelf.

And a large hole drilled in the middle shelf so charger cords on the bottom shelf can reach the AC outlets.

An extension cord reel and air hose reel mounted on the ceiling near the back wall of the garage. As noted earlier, there is an air compressor in the attic that air hose reel connects to. The air was not hooked up to the compressor in this photo. It is now.

Pic of the back wall.

Another pic of the back wall.

Pic of the wall adjacent to the home theater room.

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