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Attic Storage Room

While working on the home theater project, one day I was up in the attic above the garage doing some work. I was looking around, and it dawned on me that the attic area above the garage was BIG, with a lot of head clearance. At that moment, the attic storage room project was born.

The garage is basically square in shape, 19' to 20' wide and long. The usable area above it is about 16' X 16'. The garage's 2" X 8" ceiling joists were doubled up, along with steel flat bar reinforcement, to make the storage room floor VERY strong, solid and sturdy. The floor and walls are covered with 3/4" pine and birch plywood. The 3/4" plywood on the walls seems like extreme overkill, but it serves two purposes:

1) You can screw hooks in it to hang stuff such as garden tools, nail or screw shelves directly to it.
2) On the other side of the sheetrock is the interior sheetrock. I wanted to be sure that a hole wasn't accidentally knocked through the sheetrock from the attic side. That's impossible to do now.

You access the storage room from the garage via a heavy duty fold down attic stairway.

The pictures below, I try to capture the size of the room. It's a big area, bigger than the photos imply. 
For reference, the ladders in the photos are 6' and 8' tall.

 This photo and the next are of the wall adjacent to the home theater room.

 This photo and the next are the wall adjacent to the upstairs game room.

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